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Lindsey Weller | DC Lifestyle Headshots

I love the forever friends I make as a result of this job, and Lindsey is an amazing example of one. About a month ago, I had the opportunity of shooting an incredible team’s handiwork at Chesapeake Bay Beach Club’s annual Bow Ties and Bubbly event (more on that at the end of the month!) and Lindsey and her boyfriend, Mike, were our stunning models. They absolutely made the vision of the day come to life (dying to share soon!).

Lindsey is a local model– and she’s been taking DC by storm. I’m SO impressed with this gorgeous girl’s work ethic and drive and passion to do what she loves. She’s absolutely unstoppable, and I’m so honored to get to work with this beauty!

A few weeks ago, we met up to capture lifestyle-esque headshots to fit the DC vibe…and Lindsey killed it. This girl has the incredible ability to personify any look to a T- and it’s SUCH a blast to watch and capture.

I think what I’m most impressed with when it comes to Lindsey, is her beautiful realness and her exceptional kindness. She’s someone you are SO easily drawn to, and is such a joy to be around. Hanging out with Lindsey for the day was a total bright spot in my week– and I’m so so thankful to call this amazing lady friend.

Lindsey! Thanks so much for gallivanting around DC with me, and for the pleasure of capturing you in your element. You are a blessing and such a HUGE talent, my sweet friend!

Creatives, businesses, photographers, brands in need of a fabulous model?! Lindsey is your girl. Find her on INSTAGRAM HERE and FACEBOOK HERE


Erin & Christian | A Fells Point Baltimore Engagement

The biggest tool for my business this year has absolutely been instagram. I love this app for so many reasons– it’s an instant portfolio, an inspiration-ator (yes I made that noun up), and it connects people all over the world. For those who follow me (@photosbysarahbeth), you all know I love my hash-tags. I love them so much that I (perhaps somewhat annoyingly) use all 30 that instagram allows… #sorrynotsorry- I use descriptive tags to tag locations and buzzwords that potential brides and fellow creatives use in order to connect with wonderful people all over the world- it’s seriously the coolest concept, and I hope they stick around for good.

I owe this app for bringing several amazing brides and grooms into my life this past year– one of the coolest being Erin and Christian. From Erin’s first email- I knew these two were going to be a blast… And you’ll see right away from the pictures just how fun these two are.

This future bride and groom had me at hello and fresh cannolis (they were amazing) and their undeniable adoration for each other. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a session more full of laughter- these two are HILARIOUS. I really don’t think I stopped smiling the entire time– and they surely didn’t.

We started our time together at the Starbucks where they first met, and continued on to explore a bit of where they fell in love. My time with Erin and Christian was EASY- it absolutely didn’t feel like our first meeting, and I left feeling all the more thankful for this “job” of mine– these two are the coolest and it was such a pleasure capturing their sweetness.

Erin and Christian- I’m one blessed photographer to be working with you both during this awesome season– and I’m counting down the days till your October wedding!

Enjoy some of my favorites from this Fells Point Baltimore Engagement!


February 29, 2016 - 7:35 pm

Lauren R Swann - I love this post!! It’s so fun to see somewhere I shoot so often from a different perspective!! Gorgeous images, sweet friend!!

March 1, 2016 - 12:56 pm

Sue Adams - These are delightful:)

Megan & Brian | Georgetown Maternity Potraits

Without a doubt- the most rewarding, most powerful, most blessed part of being a photographer is the people I am invited to capture. If I take just a second to run through all the incredible friends this business has brought into my life- my heart swells. It’s overwhelming in the best way. These people are so dear to me- these relationships go far beyond business transactions- these brides and grooms are lifelong friends!

When I think about the biggest encouragers of my little business- my mind IMMEDIATELY jumps to Megan and Brian Murphy. Gosh, I don’t even really know how to adequately describe these two. Megan and Brian were one of my first weddings- they trusted me with their dearest memories on their dearest day- and since then, they’ve been my biggest cheerleaders. I seriously could track a TON of my weddings back to these two somehow. They have spread the word so faithfully- which honestly– has not only helped to fund our life, but has even more importantly- enriched our lives with such AMAZING people. Megan and Brian- I cannot thank you two enough.

Beyond being such a huge support- the Murphys are two of the sweetest, kindest, COOLEST people…and they just so happen to be welcoming a baby BOY this March. I can’t imagine a better pair to become parents- this little boy is going to adore his parents. We spent a December evening in Georgetown laughing and capturing this incredible time in their lives.

Baby Murphy is set to arrive in just about a month- and my JOY for this sweet family of 3 to be is BEYOND. Megan and Brian- I’m a huge fan of you two- and I can’t wait to meet that awesome little man who will make your family 3!

Enjoy a few of my favorites from Megan and Brian’s Georgetown Maternity Portraits :


January 28, 2016 - 11:05 am

Megan Harrington Murphy - We love every single picture!

January 28, 2016 - 1:13 pm

Sue Adams - Beautiful, so lovely:)

Blogging is Back with 2016 Goals

Oh hey there, friends! Been a little while, has it?

The end of wedding season brought a large blogging hiatus my way- not because of any shortage of things to blog, but perhaps the opposite. Shoots to blog piled up, and blogging got pushed aside as I aimed to finish wedding season strong, celebrate Christmas and the New Year (and our 2 year wedding anniversary!) well, and begin 2016 with a fresh exciting outlook.

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So here I am, just about a month in to the New Year– with about 30 inches of snow on the ground (that was insane)– ready to bring back the blog, and share some wonderful things to come for this sweet little business of mine! I’ve got lots of pretty to catch you up on (and I can’t wait)- but I thought the best way to kick things back off- would be to share a bit of my outlook and goals for this year. This isn’t a new concept- lots of my favorite industry professionals have blogged about their 2016 goals- and I wanted to follow suit. Really- what better way to start the year? So here goes…

Some cool things that will come this year for Photos by Sarah Beth :

- My first destination wedding! : I am SO SO very excited to be shooting my first wedding outside of the general DC/MD/VA/PA area this year in one of America’s coolest cities : AUSTIN, TEXAS! I’m so humbled and honored to be capturing such an amazing pair (you’ll meet them soon enough! can’t wait to introduce ya) in such a fabulous city.

- A big rebrand : I’m entering my fifth (wow 5th!?!?) wedding season- and with time, brings needed change! I’m SO excited to be working with an awesomely talented designer (more on that soon!) to update my brand to reflect that change.

- More travel! : Joey and I loved that our first two years of marriage brought us to live in London and Bogota- and now that we are living in the states- we are determined to see more of OUR beautiful country…and of course, we wouldn’t be opposed to some overseas travel as well. Travel dates in the works and to be announced!

- FILM! - My goodness, I have LOVED this trend in the industry. I’ve admired film photographers for quite some time, and have SO admired my fellow photog friends who have begun to incorporate film into their work. I’m inspired, to say the very least. I’ve been collecting OLD OLD film cameras since before I became a full-time photographer, but have never shot a full roll of film. I’m pretty darn pumped to announce I’ll be attending For the Love of Film Workshop in April- led by two of the industry’s most talented film photographers : Matoli Keely and Kristen Uhler. I cannot wait to share (and overshare #sorrynotsorry) all about that when the time comes!

- Motherhood and Marriage: More on this to come…;)

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Some Goals for Photos by Sarah Beth :

- Service and Intention : This is something I need to always strive for in every area of my life. To serve others well, and to live with intention. When it comes to my business, it is always my number one goal and priority to make certain that my clients know they are loved and cared for- and that they are important to me!

- Systems : I’m very excited to perfect and add new systems to my business to streamline everything to make my life (and my client’s lives!) a little easier! Some changes are in the works- and it’s high time for these changes!

- Scheduling DAYS OFF- Man, this is a big one, only because I was so bad at it in 2015. I think almost every small business owner comes to a point where they realize that real boundaries need to be made. It’s taken me a while to get here because I’ve always kinda had this thought that boundaries meant that I wasn’t fully serving my clients, and honestly- that it meant I would lose clients. But..I think it’s actually the opposite. So this year, I’m committing (read: working very hard to commit) to set office hours, no work on Sundays, and periodic days off. My family and friends and JOEY deserve it- and I’m ready!

- Creating a Bridal Guide and Updating my Pricing Guide : This has been an off-season project since last year- it’s one of those projects that I desperately want to get done- but don’t start because I know how big of a project it is. But I KNOW how valuable this will be for all my awesome brides and grooms- so I can’t wait to cross this off the list!

- Workin’ on my Fitness : It’s time, high time. I am in no way, shape, or form– an athlete. I think I thought I was growing up (mostly because I looked up to bro and sis athletes so much)– but turns out, I’m totally not. I really love my junk food, and I really don’t like running or lifting. Case and point : shoveling snow. That totally stunk. HOWEVER. I’m inching close to the big 3-0, children are in the near future (NO I’M NOT PREGNANT), and I’d like to live a little while longer…so hello, LA Fitness, nice to meet you (kind of). I’ve been taking LOTS of Zumba classes and literally laughing out loud at myself out of embarrassment in front of total strangers- and I kinda enjoy it, and it kinda makes me feel good…So I’m gonna live a little longer, you guys. And hey, I’m sure it will trickle down into affecting my wedding days- maybe I’ll even incorporate some of my new Zumba moves on the dance floor… (I hope any potential brides or grooms reading this still want to hire me…)

- Blogging : it’s been a pretty sporadic year on this front, and I really am determined to change that. Whenever the busyness ensues, blogging is always the first to fall to make time for the MOST important (serving my clients well!)- but I love this outlet, and I love the new brides and grooms and friends it brings me- so it will get more attention this year!

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If you’ve read this far- you are a total gem. There’s a lot of goals and a lot of work listed- but, I so love this “job” God has blessed me with- and I am very much looking forward to all that will come with 2016, but, it better not bring anymore snow…

Happy Tuesday! Praying you all are out of your Jonas Igloos by now:)

P.S. Those images sprinkled throughout this blog?!? Coming soon. FINALLY


Katie & TJ | A Liberty Mountain Wedding



2015-11-13_0069When I think about Katie and TJ- my mind is flooded with ALL the good things- and I start by thinking back on their sunrise session last fall. . .

To back track, I first met Katie in high school through church youth group. We went to a few church camps together and quickly became friends. Katie is  absolutely one of the most kind and gracious people you will ever meet; a sweet sweet soul, and as her wonderful sister Jenny so endearingly would say, she’s “precious”.

When I found out Katie was engaged, I do as I always do when people of such caliber get engaged- I pray and pray and hope that I’ll be the lucky photographer to capture the lovely. Prayer works, as prayer always does.

My first meeting with both Katie and TJ was on a FRIGID morning last October…at sunrise– add a silly girl as papparazzi for the morning (hi, that would be me)- and you’ve got the makings of a potentially uncomfortable start to the day- what with the early morning frozen temps. But….it was far from uncomfortable. These two were graceful, loving, and kept each other warm amid the wind chill- and getting know them as a couple was such a pleasure to witness. I’m going to be honest here and say that not every man enjoys taking pictures- especially at the crack of dawn on a COLD day. . . but, it didn’t faze TJ the slightest. It is so evident how much TJ adores his bride- and capturing their beautiful relationship is why I love my job. Couples with love like this are MY ideal couples.

Katie and TJ swapped their freezing cold engagement session day for the most beautiful sunny October wedding day at Liberty Mountain. Katie greeted me in her bridal suite with the most beautiful anticipatory smile- and the rest of the day was full of beauty in moments, forever promises, and everything in between. There wasn’t a part of their day that I didn’t love, and there’s not a thing about them that I don’t adore.

Mr. and Mrs. Guenthner – I am so thankful for you two and for the immense blessing of working with you on the biggest and best day. You two are something so so special.


Enjoy a few of my favorites from Katie and TJ’s Liberty Mountain Wedding :



Venue | Liberty Mountain Resort

Bride’s Dress | David’s Bridal

Bridesmaids | David’s Bridal

Groomsmen | Men’s Wearhouse

Floral Design | A’Bloom

Hair & Make-Up | JKW Beauty

DJ | Shewsical

Cake | Jennifer Horn of Créme de la Cakes

Catering | Liberty Mountain Resort

Favors | Cookies from the “aunt’s cookie table”

Second Photographer | Taylor Parra

November 13, 2015 - 10:54 pm

Debbie Beahm - Beautiful.