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Dear Bride & Groom | How to Choose a Location for Your Engagement Session

2014-10-23_0006There are days when I’m not a huge fan of living in the nation’s capital- but most of those days are days when I’ve had  to brave the horrendous traffic that is 495, 66, 50, 395, 270– and the list goes on and on…

But every OTHER day and after I’ve rid myself of the negativity that comes from hours in traffic- I’m truly am a FAN of living in the DMV- especially as a photographer. There is so much diverse beauty within a 50-100 mile radius- SO many spots for shoots and to add to that- You’ve got SEASONS- the most colorful autumns, cherry-blossomed filled springs, snow-covered magical winters, and sunny green summers. It truly is a photographer’s dream! …and a Bride and Grooms Dream! When it comes to picking a location for your engagement session- you guys- you’re in dream land!

So, Dear Bride and Groom, here are some tips for choosing the best location for you! :

1. Choose a location or season that is meaningful to you:

Where did you two first meet? Have your first kiss? Spend lots of date nights? In what season did you fall in love? Vacation together? When you think about YOUR love story- is there a specific location where the story unfolded?

Engagement sessions are all about YOU TWO- so choosing a location or season that is special to you as a couple is one of the biggest ways of making your session personal. If you’re thinking of a location that is not necessarily in the DMV- not to worry- I LOVE to travel. Blog post on that coming soon .


2. Consider timing:

This is perhaps the BIGGEST item to consider when planning your session. I schedule ALL engagement sessions in the hours just after the sun rises or just before the sun sets- This is when the light is golden, romantic, and most flattering. Of course, these hours change as the seasons change- so make sure to take that into account when considering times available!


3. Consider versatility and visuality:

At this point, you probably have all kinds of locations running through your brain! Here’s something to help you narrow further: when picking your location, think about the overall aesthetic you are drawn to. Do you love beach scenes? The old town feel? Urban? Rustic? Chic? All of these aesthetics can of course be communicated through your outfit choices- but you can achieve that “look” you’re going for even further when choosing your location!

If you’re going for an “urban chic” vibe- think of places that have city views, store fronts, white pillars, city lights, etc. If you’re hoping to achieve a more “rustic vintage” look- think of places with old buildings, greenery, and open fields.

There are SO many places that offer multiple “looks”- DC is CHOCK FULL of all kinds of magical places!


4. Consider personality and style:

My favorite thinking point! Your engagement session location should be a place that you two can reflect your interests as a couple- after all, it is YOUR engagement session. Consider your interests as a couple when choosing where to showcase your love. Are you an outdoorsy couple who loves hiking, biking, and camping? Do you two love romantic nights out on the town and the city lights? Consider YOU when you think of a location. My main goal is to make your session an ode to your personal love story.


5. Consult your photographer:

That’d be me! Engagement sessions are my FAVORITE- and among the many things I love about this job- one of favorite things is helping you plan your engagement session. I’m a visual storyteller- and I want the story I tell to be SPOT ON true to who YOU two are. I’m here to help you plan and tell you’re sweet story.


Happy Thursday, friends!

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