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Friday Favorites | Volume 2

Happy Black Friday, friends! I realized I haven’t done a Friday Favorites post in a while, and I thought- what better day to celebrate a Friday favorites than Black Friday?

There’s no such thing as Black Friday in Colombia, but…we don’t really feel like we’re missing out because we don’t usually partake anyway! Anyone who knows me knows I love shopping…but huge crowds make me irritable…and then when you mix that with a lack of sleep- You get a super grumpy Sarah. No one wants a crabby Black Friday shopper.

BUT I’m thankful for the internet and online shopping- because there are some AWESOME Black Friday deals for photographers out there. So I’ll be doing some internet perusing today for all the great photog deals:)

This edition of “Friday Favorites” features a mix of some new Colombian favorites with some from back home-I’m sure there will be more Colombian goodies to add to the mix as we continue our adventuring! It was hard to NOT include a ton of pics of Colombian coffee- I might just have to do a whole Friday Favorites on the coffee here because, so far–it’s fantastic. Anywho- here are my latest favorites!

2014-11-28_00021.) Classic Vans- Before we left for Colombia, Joey and I went shopping for new shoes. I’ve always LOVED TOMS classic shoes, but while at Tyson’s Corner- we happened upon the Vans store. Joey has a pair of Vans, so he decided it was time for a new pair. I didn’t expect to buy a pair myself- but I tried them on and they were SO comfortable! I’ll always love my TOMS classics- but they honestly crumble after a few months of wear. I love that the Vans sole is thicker and much more durable…and the color I picked goes with everything!

2.) Morning Coffee on our Balcony- I absolutely LOVE the view from our front balcony. Bogota is nestled in the Andes mountains, and we are just high enough that you can see a whole lot of the city and a whole lot of the mountains. Paired with Colombian coffee? It’s the perfect way to start a day.

3.) Café Britt Caicedonia Coffee- It’s no secret that Colombia is known for its rich yummy coffee. The grocery store has quite the selection- and we can’t wait to try them all! We started off with this bag of Café Britt…I couldn’t find the exact Caicedonia blend online, but I’m sure all of their Colombian blends are fantastic! I like my coffee with the works- yummy creamer, sugar, and sometimes some whipped cream- but this blend doesn’t need it! I love the richness of the coffee black, with just a little bit of leche:)

4.) Morning Fruit Smoothies- we don’t have a blender yet at home, but we have one here! So the other night we bought some frozen fruit, and yesterday I made my first all fruit smoothie. SO SO SO good. I’m thinking this might have to be a daily thing!

5.) The Luminous Portrait- I don’t even know where to start with this book. If you’re not familiar with Elisabeth Messina’s work- then you need to look her up NOW. Her portraiture is unmatched and incredibly timeless. The way she captures light is purely LUMINOUS- and her book is pure beauty and inspiration. If you’re a photographer and you’ve never read this book- go to Amazon and buy it. PRONTO.

6.) Target’s Dollar Bin Headphones- Ah who doesn’t love Target? It’s my happy place! I found these perfectly mint colored headphones a few weeks back in their dollar area (they were 5 dollars though)- and I knew I had to have them!

7.) The Cheese Shop- OH. MY. GOODNESS. This store! About a month ago, I headed to Williamsburg for Sarah and Matt’s engagement session- and I had some time for a quick bite before we started shooting. And this little store in Colonial Williamsburg has the BEST grilled cheese I’ve ever had! So if you’re ever in Williamsburg- do yourself a favor and go to the Cheese Shop!

8.) Rifle Paper’s 2015 Travel the World Calendar- Now a Black Friday deal comes into play! You all know how much I LOVE Rifle Paper! And this calendar is one of my FAVORITE items I own from their amazing shop! Joey and I have a bit of a travel theme going in our condo- and I just had to have this calendar! Rifle Paper has 30% off on their site today- and this calendar is on sale for a steal!

9.) Succulents- I feel like I’m late on the bandwagon on this- but these plants are amazing! There’s a wall full of them in Bogota- and I am so excited to find a way to decorate with them when we get back to the states!


Hope you all are enjoying your Black Fridays- and came out with some steals- and are now able to catch some Zzzzs!




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