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Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Tuesday, friends! Thank God for long weekends! I think I stand along with pretty much every other human when I say that Mondays should always be a part of the weekend:)Hope you all enjoyed!

Before getting into this weekend’s wrap-up, I really just gotta say how thankful I am for all you amazing photographers who have applied to be a Photos by Sarah Beth intern so far– I’m quite literally overwhelmed by the volume of applications I’ve received so far- AND the amazing talent in the group of photographers I’ve heard from….I really do speak truth when I say how much of a blessing it would be to work with each of you- and I so wish I could. It’s going to be an incredibly tough choice- so much so that I may have lost a little sleep last night thinking about how I am ever going to choose! A good problem to have- thank you so much to everyone who has applied so far! I’m still accepting applications until Saturday- so feel free to shoot me an email if you’re interested! (

Now to the wrapping-upping! While compiling this post- I realized I never blogged about an awesome hike we went on a few weeks back- so I’m gonna rewind a bit, and then get to what we were up to this weekend!

I’ve chatted (complained) about the altitude here in Bogota before- but honestly, I think my lack of physical fitness is really to blame for mostĀ of my issues! Ha! But I’m so thankful for a patient husband who encourages me through my whining, and lets me set my own pace- he’s awesome. The views are absolutely worth the “struggle”—especially these views! I honestly do not remember the name of the location of this hike- but the views were SPECTACULAR. We hiked to a waterfall- but my favorite view wasn’t the final view- but the ones on the way…and I took far too many photos of cows, and I’m totally okay with that:)Here’s a little bit of a peek into the hike…2015-01-18_0001

Colombia, South America







Last week I had the opportunity to photograph a sweet family at the local botanical gardens here- and it’s definitely a place we will have return to for a picnic- the rose gardens were amazing! And the family even took a photo for us:)


This past weekend we visited one of the HUGE local saturday markets- and I am SOOO glad I brought my camera. FRUIT, VEGGIES, and FLOWERS FOR DAYS! I don’t have my 35mm with me, and so wish I could have captured a wider view of the flower market- literally TRUCKS full of flowers- it was so so beautiful. And the market was just as beautiful- if there was ever such a thing asĀ fruit heaven- this would be it. Rows and rows of bananas, pineapples hanging in large rows- and fruits that I’ve never seen before- and I thought after visiting the grocery stores that I had seen it al! Joey and I had so much fun walking around and picking various random fruits to try!

The market also featured LOTS of meat- and live chickens…I can only imagine their fate… eek.

I can’t wait to print some of these photos- the colors were SO rich! (And try some of these fruits and veggies!)






2015-01-18_0017Hope you too had a wonderful weekend! Happy Tuesday!

January 20, 2015 - 3:32 pm

Maureen Pacheco - I am loving all of the beautiful colors! I miss Colombia! I need to go back soon.

January 20, 2015 - 10:20 pm

Sue Adams - Oh, I feel like I got to go with you…thanks, Sarah:)

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