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Weekend Wrap-Up

Hello, friends…and Happy Monday to you! I’ve got quite the to-do list this morning- so I’m gonna keep it fairly brief- which is pretty relative when it comes to me, because we all know I like to talk (ramble).

This past weekend was one of rest and adventure- which seems to be a going theme in how we like to spend our weekends (during the off-season at least)- a half day of rest (eating well and watching good movies) and one day of explorations. Our past few weekends- we haven’t gotten to experience this “formula”- and have been pretty busy- so it was nice to spend a lot of this weekend resting!

After a Saturday of rest, and some good eats at the local “Johnny Rockets” (yes, the American diner style restaurant with fries, and burgers, and yummy shakes)- we decided to spend our Sunday afternoon exploring the oldest neighborhood in Bogota, La Candelaria. Full of Spanish colonial and art deco style homes- I was in photography heaven. It was such a SUNNY day, though, that I’m afraid my pictures don’t do the area justice…and I’m hoping to go back on a bit cloudier day to REALLY capture how beautiful this place is.


After some roaming, we returned back to our place and grabbed a blanket to enjoy the rest of our afternoon in the park. It averages about 72 or so in Bogota right now- so it was the perfect day to rest some more outside!…and a paleta (popsicle). I’m very into the popsicles these days:)



Hope you, too, had a restful AND adventurous weekend! Happy Monday!

January 28, 2015 - 11:18 am

Ray Couey - Thanks for sharing these great shots of Bogota wth us.

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