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Friday Favorites | Olivia Macaron Giveaway

A little secret behind this series – I only blog Friday Favorites once I develop NINE new favorites. I want all the “favorites” to fit in a neat cube of nine boxes- and, I have nine new ones…so guess it’s time for a new edition!


Starting from the top- and going left to right:

1. Fresh Fruit and Veggie Markets: I’ve mentioned it quite a few times in my jabberings about life in Bogota, but now that’s officially a part of the “Friday Favorites”, I will mention it again. I LOVE the fresh fruit and veggies here in Colombia- and I especially LOVE the prices. 5 avocados for a dollar? I mean….I don’t even like avocados, but I’ll buy ‘em;)

2. The Day Designer and Fresh Donuts: Oh my goodness, I don’t even know where to start with Whitney English’s Day Designer- so I won’t start now, and will instead leave it for a blog post of it’s own. BUT I will say that I started buying a donut every time I make a grocery store trip in the baked goods aisle, and always make sure that it has SPRINKLES. It’s usually only once a week…but sometimes I have to make multiple trips— and that means I just have to buy a donut.

3. Flowers on Display: In addition to the fresh fruit and veggie markets- there is definitely no shortage of GORGEOUS flower markets in Bogota. I’ve never been one to constantly have flowers- but I think it’s something I’m going to have to bring back to the states.

4. Hats: I am POSITIVE that I could never pull of fedora-type hats, (or really any hats for that matter) in the states— but here in Bogota, not many people know me- and they don’t know that I’m not the kinda girl that can’t pull off hats- SO WEAR THEM I DO! Or only once- at the park, and I felt so bohemian. HA!

5. Oliva Macaron: I first tried macaron’s when Joey and I had the awesome chance to visit Paris while we were living in London. They were fantastic. Seriously just typing about them makes me crave them. And then I heard about Olivia Macaron in Georgetown, and decided to stop by with Tiffany and Mark during their engagement session…and WOW. Not only do they have kinds of flavors you could only imagine- their store is adorable AND they now just added a nation-wide shipping option. PRE—TTTYY COOOL.

6: Moroccan0il Volumizing Mousse- I’d definitely characterize myself as low-maintenance when it comes to my hair-care. It wasn’t until just recently that I started spending a little bit more time in styling my hair, because I was tired of doing the same thing everyday (and I still kinda do…haha). My last haircut I got suckered in to buying some hair products- because I don’t know how to say no…and I loved the smell of it. And I’m happy to say that  I do not have buyer’s remorse. I use Moroccanoil’s Volumizing Mousse everyday on my hair, then blow dry and straighten a bit- and I really think that it has done wonder’s for the volume of my hair! I’ll allow myself to be suckered into another Moroccanoil product next haircut trip:)

7: Juan Valdez Cafe: The Starbucks of Colombia! Although there are TWO Starbucks in Bogota. As I’ve mentioned- we LOVE Colombian coffee- and Juan Valdez is the perfect little escape to have our coffee made for us. Last time we went to Juan Valdez, Joey got his brewed via a siphon, and it was so cool to watch! I also venture here for their mango fruppe’s- YUM.

8: Paletas- The spanish word for popsicles. I’m currently a bit obsessed with going to the park, and hitting up the popsicle stand. Every flavor I’ve had so far is fantastic- and there are popsicle shops ALL over town- and just like Olivia Macaron- there are ALL KINDS of flavors.

9: Fratelli Espresso- We’re not fancy people, but we now kinda like to brunch as a special Sunday treat every once and a while- and the best place to do that in Bogota?!?! FRATELLIS. I wish I could box up this adorable restaurant and bring it back to the states. They have a little cupcakery attached, and the most wonderful naturally lit seating area with all kinds of fresh flowers and greenery…and their menu is fantastic.

There ya have it! My current Friday Favorite’s pick…But what I failed to mention is…


In celebration of Valentine’s Day coming up- I’m giving away some DELICIOUS macaron’s from you guessed it, Olivia Macaron! Super easy to enter— Head over to instagram and follow me @photosbysarahbeth then tag your valentine or galentine(s)! (or both!)

Winner picked randomly and announced on Monday’s Weekend Wrap-Up!

Happy Friday, friends!

February 6, 2015 - 7:47 pm

Mary C. Neumann - Ummmmm this post has me DROOLING. Amazing work, girl!!!! I love this series, and you. xoxo!

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