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Coffee Chats with Sarah Beth | A New Mentoring Opportunity for Photographers

The idea behind this blog post has been one I’ve been playing around with in my head for a few months now. Joey and I often brainstorm about ways to grow my business, and also connect with other photographers and creatives. And lately, we’ve been talking more and more about ways to SERVE other photographers and creatives- I’ve been so positively impacted by seasoned photographers so graciously willing to answer my questions and serve me- that I feel called to pay it forward and do the same!

In our brainstorming, Joey came up with a wonderful way to serve newer photographers- one that I am super excited about but wasn’t quite ready to share yet because 1) We’ve been out of the country and 2) I was a wee bit nervous… As I think a lot of photographers and creatives are when they start to think about offering mentoring. Thoughts and fears swirl around in your head pretty much all dealing with if you’re good enough– and what others might think: namely, other photographers and creatives.

But THEN a new movement started to grow- one where photographers started speaking out about encouraging one another, instead of constantly competing- about building each other up instead of stewing in jealousy. #communityovercompetition came about- and I gained the courage to share this new mentoring idea! So share I will…

During the upcoming year- I would LOVE to make it my goal to connect with as many newer photographers as possible, and encourage them the way that others have encouraged me. This industry can be so so hard- as can any industry revolving around your passion, and any industry involving a good bit of competition. It is incredibly difficult to run your own business- it’s taxing emotionally, spiritually, and physically- but it’s that much less taxing if you’re able to share those seemingly HUGE burdens with friends and family…and other photographers in the same boat as you!

So for the 2015 season, I’ll be offering time during the week days for “Coffee Chats with Sarah Beth”- a time to connect and chat about all things photography and business over coffee/cupcakes/cookies- and all other things yummy. Instead of paying a mentor session fee, just buy me a iced caramel latte and we can call it more than even! I want this to be a time of questions, encouragement, and prayer if you’ll take it!


So if you’re a newer photographer- and you feel overwhelmed and have lots of questions unanswered in the world of photography– or if you’re doing just fine and are just looking for a friend and some encouragement- I would SO love to be that friend!

This idea could evolve over time into more of a mentorship program- and might not always just involve coffee as payment haha (girl’s gotta pay the bills)– but for the 2015 season- this is how I would like to approach things!

I don’t have any set times in place right now– but these “Coffee Chats with Sarah Beth” will start taking place the end of May on weekdays near Springfield, Virginia. If you’re interested and want to possibly set up a time– or if you know a newer photographer who might be interested in chatting- just shoot me an email at I would SO love to hear from you!


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April 8, 2015 - 3:33 pm

Rachel Word - LOVE THIS!!

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