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Jessica & Darby | A Comic Book Inspired Engagement Session

If I could shoot engagement sessions everyday, I would ask you to sign me up right away. I LOVE shooting them- because it means one on one time with two HAPPY, soon-to-be-married lovebirds- it’s just smiles and laughs for hours, and who wouldn’t love that? I always leave engagement sessions in an even better mood than when I began, and always always thanking God for my job.

Driving home from Jessica and Darby’s engagement session was no different- I left in the BEST mood, inspired, and just happy! I’ve known Jessica since before I can remember, and it was SO good to finally meet the man whom she loves, and will marry in just a few short months! These two are the perfect pair- the best of friends- and I absolutely cannot wait to see how God works in their marriage. It’s going to be such a tremendous blessing to witness– and capture!

There are so many reasons why these two are an incredible match- their friendship is so┬ástrong, and their love for God so deep…and their mutual love for comic books? THE COOLEST CUTEST THING. When chatting with Jessica about where they might potentially like to have their engagement pictures- she mentioned their love for comic book stores, and how cool it would be to have pictures together in one. YES.

I had the best time photographing these two, laughing along with them with comic jokes (I got a dad and a brother both SUPER into comics!), and afterwards strolling around Brookside Gardens where Jessica has so many childhood memories!

Jessica and Darby- thank you so much for blessing me with the opportunity to capture such a wonderful time in your lives! I’m counting down with you to July!!!!

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April 10, 2015 - 1:35 pm

Jennifer Williams - I LOVE THESE SO MUCH! So happy for you Jessica! How cute. Great job Sarah.

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