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Hannah & Ed | A Maryland Gray & Pink Wedding | Part One

I first met Hannah my first year of middle school. I don’t quite remember where our friendship started- but I’m pretty sure it began in the scariest of all middle school places…the lunch room. I, like the true-pre-teen that I was, was heavily unsure of myself, and sorta dreaded the lunch room those first few weeks of middle school. Junior High was a whole new world- one where you were no longer pre-assigned to a lunch table by your teacher- one where you had full domain over the lunch room– a blessing for some, a scary realization for a shy 6th grader like me.

It was during those first few weeks that I happened upon Hannah’s table, that included a mingling of some of my sweet elementary school friends- and also a good mix of some new faces, including Hannah’s:)Hannah and I bonded quickly over many shared interests- most importantly, our faith. That middle school lunch room friendship brought along a forever friendship…I am so thankful for Hannah and the way she unabashedly shares her faith with others everyday.

I remember “meeting” Ed- through Hannah’s joy in our periodic catch-ups post high school. Hearing and seeing the joy that Hannah exhibited talking about Ed was so wonderful- so it was no surprise when I saw their engagement announcement on Facebook. I was THRILLED that #EdNah (as they are so fondly referred to) asked me to capture this special time in their lives, and even more thrilled when these two asked me to photograph their small ceremony on UMD’s gorgeous campus last August. Hannah and Ed also wished to celebrate with their amazing friends and family- and it was my absolute honor to photograph their public ceremony a few weeks ago, and subsequent family Tea Ceremony and outdoor reception the next day. This blog post was a big one with all three parts- so you’ll be treated to part one today- and the other two parts tomorrow and Saturday.

Hannah and Ed- I am so blessed by you both! Thank you thank you for entrusting me with these memories. Your day was one to remember and cherish- I am overjoyed for you both. Congratulations!

Enjoy a few of my favorites from Part One of Hannah and Ed’s gray and pink wedding ceremony…


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Bridal Gown | Vera Wang, White

Bridesmaids | Purchased Separately

Ceremony | Cedarbrook Community Church

Hair & Make-Up | Glam Bridal Beauty

Invitations | Stephanie Rogers (cousin of bride)

Coordinator | Sally Stephens

June 18, 2015 - 3:00 pm

Alicia - Okay, I’m gonna NEED that dress!! xx

June 19, 2015 - 3:46 pm

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