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The Cahill Family | A Santa Cruz Portrait Session

We’ve been back from our Northern California adventures for almost 2 months now, and I am still dreaming about the coast. This wasn’t my first time visiting the coast of Cali, and it wasn’t my first time exploring Joey’s home turf- but it was my first time photographing couples and families in the California sun- and my goodness is it a totally different experience. I absolutely love the east coast- and am proud to be born and raised here!:)….But you just don’t get these back drops in the DC area. Rocky beach coasts, Lord of the Rings-esque forests, towering mountains….They are sights to see, and locations I only ever dreamed of shooting in- so when planning our most recent California trip- Joey encouraged me to make the most of the opportunity and to set up some times to shoot with these incredible backdrops. He had a few contacts from growing up in California (you’ll meet Natasha and Trevor next week!), and I had a few contacts through vendor and social media contacts (you met Tina & Jon, and Colleen).

The last time we were in California, Joey took me to Santa Cruz- and I immediately added it to my “dream shoot location” list. I’m a huge hash-tagger and hash-tag searcher on instagram- and I found Julie through searching Santa Cruz photographer hash-tags…and LOVED her work (check it out for yourself!). I contacted her with the idea of a portrait session for her, her husband, and family- and she so sweetly accepted the invitation!

Julie and her family are such a joy to be around- they were immediately SO welcoming, and the best BEST tour guides and models. I loved watching the four of them interact with each other– Julie and Rod have done an amazing job raising their two beautiful children- I’ve never met a brother and sister pair under the age of 13 who are SO willing to take pictures, and get along while doing so!;)It’s so obvious that this family knows how to love each other- and have FUN together.

It was also such a pleasure to work with a fellow photographer! I am so inspired by Julie’s work- and it was so wonderful to be able to pick her brain a bit about her work on the west coast!

Dear Cahill family- I can’t thank you enough for spending the evening with Joey and I- for showing us your beautiful coast- and for being the absolute best models. It was a true blessing to meet you all- I cannot wait till our paths cross again in the future <3


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