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Cate & Danny | An Old Town Alexandria Portrait Session

It’s a fact that wedding season is CRAZY for all those working in the industry…and we are smack dab in the middle, meaning : extreme fatigue, spinning minds, and tired hearts. True rest is hard to come by- and inspiration can begin to dwindle. Seasoned photographers and industry creatives all are super aware of this “burn-out” of sorts– and each have come up with their own ways of remedying the situation- scheduling days of pure REST and seeking other creative ventures to refuel their imagination. It’s the life of a creative- and I wouldn’t change a thing!

More often than not- rest comes from stepping away from the camera- but more and more recently- I find myself picking UP my camera to refuel. Don’t get me wrong- I LOVE wedding days- they are the heart of my business- but there is absolutely such thing as a wedding hangover for photographers- and it’s not at all induced by alcohol. It’s during that time where I get to spend one on one time with clients and sweet couples apart from wedding days where I feel refueled and inspired– and this kind of invaluable refueling came about last week in my portrait session with the most wonderful pair- Cate and Danny.

Last week was my first time meeting these two- other than emailing with Cate:)These two just celebrated their 7th anniversary of being each other’s one and only- and by the way they interact- you can tell that their love for each other only gets stronger and stronger. Their every interaction with one another was one of intention, love, and pure joy- and THAT is inspiring. Photographing couples like this is why I love my job.

Danny is a merchant marine- gone for weeks at a time, and Cate is an event planner trotting the country and globe- so these two are pros at conquering long distance and using that to enrich their relationship. I loved hearing how intentional they are with their time together- and hearing more and more about their love story, and then being able to capture a bit of it in the city that always charms me- Old Town Alexandria.

Cate and Danny- I just think you two are so wonderful- believe me when I say that photographing you two was a breath of fresh air and just what I needed in the midst of the busiest season. You two are every kind of adorable together- and I am SO excited to see what the future holds for you two!

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