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Natasha & Trevor | A Humboldt California Portrait Session

We’ve been back from our #TapanesTour for months now, and I still am trying to sneak in ways to share more and more from our time traveling the beautiful North Coast of California! I love that Joey’s roots are California grown- because that means we will always be heading back! It’s not fun having family that live on the opposite side of the country, but we are so thankful for long visits and vacation time- and a tremendously beautiful state to visit!

While in California, we traveled up and down the North Coast- and hit as far north as Humboldt County, California, where Joey grew up. Humboldt is known for its densely forested mountains filled with giant Redwoods, and it’s vast and stunning coastline. Humboldt is home to the best of all worlds- you can visit sweeping Redwood forests, beautiful rural fields, and watch the sunset on the rocky coastline- all in one day…which is exactly what we did with Natasha and Trevor. I’ve been holding this dreamy session for far too long because of my not-so-consistent blogging as of late. If you follow me on instagram- you’ve seen many a picture of this gorgeous pair. I’ve been sharing snippets of our time with them for months now- and it’s high time I get my blogging game back on track and share here!

Joey and Natasha grew up together in beautiful Humboldt, and when planning our trip- I asked Joey to contact some of his friends to see if anyone would be up for letting me play paparazzi for the night. Natasha and Trevor happily obliged- and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with the result, and what a blessing it was to meet and work with these two. Natasha is stunningly gorgeous- just as much on the outside as she is on the inside. She’s one of those people that radiates joy, and that joy is even more apparent when she’s with Trevor. These two are perfect together- their personalities absolutely complimentary- and their love and happiness so apparent.

We started out in Redwood Park shooting amongst the towering Redwoods, then headed to an abandoned farm with golden fields, and ended the night at sunset over the rocky Trinidad coast line. Photographing the landscape was a dream, place Natasha and Trevor in the mix? Total magic.

Natasha and Trevor- thank you SO much for spending the evening with us- and allowing me to put a camera in your face for most of the night!:)We had the best time with you both– and I not so secretly can’t wait till the next time I get the chance to photograph you two!



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