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An Emerald and Pink Vintage Wedding Inspiration Shoot

A few months ago, I advertised that I was looking for a few interns for the 2015 wedding season. I wanted to have someView full post »

Tips for Photographing Travels and Vacations

Not-so-fun little fact: I wrote this blog post a few days ago, ended up needing to restart my computer– forgot toView full post »

Tax Day Giveaway!

Happy April 15th! AKA….TAX DAY. Not typically something to celebrate, or even really a happy day…but thisView full post »

Coffee Chats with Sarah Beth | A New Mentoring Opportunity for Photographers

The idea behind this blog post has been one I’ve been playing around with in my head for a few months now. JoeyView full post »

2015 Photos by Sarah Beth Interns and Assistants

A few weeks ago, I announced that I was looking for a few interns to join me during this 2015 wedding season! This yearView full post »

For Photographers | A Beginner’s Guide to Shooting In Manual

I’ve been meaning to start blogging with photographer’s in mind for a while now- but have been putting itView full post »

Wanted! : 2015 Photos by Sarah Beth Interns

OH, I’m SO excited for this…and have been bursting to share the news for quite some time now- and that timeView full post »