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Off-Roading | GW National Forest

A few weeks back we made a big purchase: A Jeep Wrangler Rubicon! With the transition to begin a full-time photog andView full post »

East Coast Road Trip

One thing we realized while living in London and exploring beautiful Europe- is that there is so much we haven’tView full post »

A Birthday GIVEAWAY!

Yesterday, I turned one year past a quarter of a century, and I can’t believe it. That means that it was TEN yearsView full post »

Adventures in London | The London Eye

I don’t usually blog on Saturday’s…but I’m breaking that little blogging rule today to bring youView full post »

40 Days of Thankful | Week 2

Last week I posted about my FIRST week of my 40 days of thankful journey and Week 2 has arrived with no shortage ofView full post »

40 Days of Thankful | Week 1

I’ve always admired those who observe the season of lent by giving up one thing that they normally can’tView full post »

Being a Tourist | Adventures in London

One thing I’ve learned from my time here in London, is that I love being a tourist- and I have no problem actingView full post »

A Day in the Cotswolds | Adventures in England

Ever since my parents heard the news that Joey and I would be together in England for a few months- they started toView full post »

Iphone Dump | Adventures in Italy

It’s no secret that I’m share a LOT of pictures- and I’m thankful that I’m “allowed”View full post »

Venice |Adventures in Italy

Oh Venice. It was love at first sight. No lie- we walked out of the train station- and with my first look at thisView full post »

Rome | Adventures in Italy

I’m a little late with posting the rest of our Italian Adventures- and I can’t wait to share the rest withView full post »

The Amalfi Coast | Adventures in Italy

I have always had a bit of wanderlust- and that desire to wander only escalated when I became interested in photographyView full post »

London Lovelies

It’s been about three weeks since I first landed in London to start this adventure, and I’m loving every bitView full post »

London Door Post Friday | 1

Living in central London means that we are just a few minutes walk from some magnificent and world famous landmarks- BigView full post »

Adventures in London | Week 1

Tomorrow marks one week living the London life- and it already has been chock full of adventure. Being in a foreign cityView full post »