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Maria & Eric | A Downtown Annapolis Engagement Session

Hello, and happy Monday, friends! In getting back in the swing of blogging- I thought about bringing back the weekend wrap-up today, but decided to officially bring it back tomorrow to give me a bit more time to gather a more thorough wrap-up, since it’s been a bit MIA as of late! PLUS- I have a wonderfully sweet and adorable couple to share with you today- that beats weekend wrap-up any day!

Since Joey and I have been traveling a lot, I have been holding many of my client meetings over skype! As I often mention- one of my favorite parts of my job is meeting incredible couples who end up becoming lifelong friends- and a huge part of this is actually meeting in person and spending some time together! This usually happens during the initial consultation- but we’ve gotten creative and used Skype for the times we’ve been traveling. I remember skyping Maria and Eric and thinking about how much fun it was going to be to finally meet them in person- we talked for well over an hour, I “met” their sweet pup, and heard all about their love story and their big plans for their upcoming wedding day.

I finally got to meet these two in person a couple weeks ago for their engagement session in Downtown Annapolis, and I had the best time with them. We laughed the whole way through the session- and these two were champs in freezing weather!

Maria and Eric, I am SO excited for September to arrive! I just think you two are the coolest! Thank you so much for the blessing of choosing me to be your wedding photographer!

Enjoy a few of my favorites!


April 7, 2015 - 2:40 pm

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Janice & Ryan | An Old Town Alexandria Engagement Session

FRIENDS! It’s wedding season! And I am SO ready and and excited. I had a good bit of off-season with lots of wonderful rest- but I am really just very excited for the season ahead!

Even though I haven’t been around to experience this harsh east-coast winter- I sure have heard a LOT about it! So in planning the engagement shoots to commence a couple weeks ago- I was a little weary of the cold…and snow! But thankful I dodged the snow just in time for this lovely couple’s engagement session!

Joey and I first met Janice and Ryan back in the fall over coffee to chat about their 2015 wedding and hear their story. As Joey and I drove home from the meeting- we both commented on how EASY it was to talk to these two- I instantly felt like they were our kind of people. I love when that happens!:)

Janice and Ryan are as sweet as can be- and so much fun to be around. I was smiling and laughing throughout their whole session! They brought along their cute pup Ginger- and we trekked all over Old Town Alexandria’s best. The camera loves these two, as do I! And I certainly cannot wait for their big day come August!

Congrats, Janice and Ryan! And thank you so much for the absolute blessing of choosing me to be your wedding photographer!



April 3, 2015 - 3:30 pm

Sue Adams - So beautiful:)

April 3, 2015 - 3:38 pm

Janice Verini - I love this and we love you! We had so much fun with you and absolutely love every picture. Thank you so much!

April 7, 2015 - 2:39 pm

Weekend (Week) Wrap-Up » Photos By Sarah Beth - […] day with my interns– all of which I can’t wait to share! I’ve already shared Janice and Ryan’s Old Town Alexandria engagement and Maria and Eric’s Downtown Annapolis engagement- so if you haven’t already checked […]

6 Tips for Planning Getting Ready Time on Your Wedding Day

HEY friends! Been a while, huh? I took a little hiatus from blogging to gear up for the approaching wedding season, and I am SO ready for it to begin. My season officially kicks off in less than two weeks for Caitlin and Grant’s big day- and I am VERY excited. Praying for awesome weather, and for spring to stay a while!

Lots of my hiatus-ing involved wedding day timeline preparing, so I decided: it’s time to blog about it. There’s a heck of a lot that goes into planning your ideal wedding day timeline- and it can tend to be a bit tedious, but it absolutely doesn’t have to be. I think a lot of brides and grooms don’t even know where to start when it comes to timelining (yeah, I’m making it a verb)- and that’s OKAY! Timeline making can be made MUCH easier if you know what you want ahead of time. As a photographer, I work very closesly with my couples to create their perfect timeline by starting the conversation at our initial meeting. Of course, there is nothing set in stone at that point- but by starting early- it makes it THAT much simpler later on during the planning process.

SO I thought I would break up the timelining process into tips to consider for planning each portion of your day. Starting with:

6 Tips for Planning for Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day:

1. Plan EXTRA Time:

Trust me on this one- extra getting ready time is a must. You may think 90 minutes is enough to get you and 5 other bridesmaids ready with hair and make-up- but it absolutely IS NOT. Hair and make-up almost always (in my experience) takes a little bit longer than expected: so start earlier than anticipated. This doesn’t mean you need extra photography coverage- just extra time to start prepping. And if you end up having MORE time because of this, then AWESOME! More time for hanging out with your bridesmaids– and more time for portraits! (Which we will get to later).


2. Hair & Make-Up on Location:

I totally understand that this is often a bit more expensive, but it is SO helpful in making your day less stressful. Instead of having to add another location on your list of to-dos on your wedding day, consider hiring professional hair and make-up to come to YOU! This will cut out so much travel time and hassle. And if you need some awesome recommendations for on-location hair and make-up teams in the DMV– ask me!!!!:)

View More:

3. Details Grab-bag:

Those gorgeous detail shots you want of your mother’s necklace, and new perfume you bought JUST for your wedding day? TELL your photographer- and make it that much easier for them to get those shots by putting all your details (shoes, jewelry, keepsake items) in one place! Designate a bridesmaid to be responsible for this:)Just an easy way to save some time and hassle on the big day (and your photographer will thank you!)


4. Uncluttered Spaces:

OH this is a big one. Designate at least one spot (with good light- near a window if possible- see next point) that will stay CLUTTER FREE through the getting ready portion of the day. This will be used for all detail shots and bridal getting ready portraits- and will save time scrambling later when the photographer asks you to clear some space:)AND your pictures will be trash and clutter-free!

View More:

5. Window Light:

When finding and designating your uncluttered space– make sure there’s plenty of available natural light or window light. Your photographer will love you. And you’ll love the pictures that result!


6: The Groom Matters, Too:

Don’t forget about the GROOM! His getting ready time and pictures matter, too! Biggest piece of guidance for this- if at all possible, plan for the groom and groomsmen to be getting ready at the same location as the bride and bridesmaids so that your photography coverage is expanded a bit more.


Hope this helps a bit with getting you started towards thinking about your “timelining”! More in the series to come. In the meantime…Happy Tuesday!

March 17, 2015 - 8:38 pm

Sue Adams - Great and Practical Advice from our own “dear Abby” …dear Sarah, can’t wait to see you:)

A Couple’s Session Giveaway

Happy Tuesday, friends! I hope you all are well- and that all you folks in the DC area are enjoying your snow day! Joey and I LOVE the temperate weather here in Colombia, but we would love a snow day! So enjoy your snowmen, hot cocoa, and warm fires for us!

For all those who follow me on instagram- you may have noticed a little series of giveaways I’ve been doing lately! I decided it would be fun to give away some of my favorite treats in celebration of Valentine’s Day- including two DC favorites- Olivia Macaron and Georgetown Cupcakes! Both of those giveaways have ended (congrats Olivia and Sarah!), but I saved the my favorite for last….

I’m giving away ONE FREE couple’s session…engaged, dating, married- all are qualified to enter…and it’s super easy.

Head over to my instagram @photosbysarahbeth, follow me there, and find the below image to find out how to enter! Winner will be announced THIS FRIDAY… so SHARE with your engaged friends, dating friends, and married friends…or enter yourself! I am SO excited to meet this couple!

***Session will take place in June, July, or August 2015 on weekdays or select Sundays within 30 miles of DC.


Happy Tuesday!

April 24, 2015 - 2:28 pm

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2015 Photos by Sarah Beth Interns and Assistants

2015-02-12_0008A few weeks ago, I announced that I was looking for a few interns to join me during this 2015 wedding season! This year marks my 4th wedding season- and my second as a full-time photographer. I have always offered my clients the option of adding a skilled second shooter to their package- and I decided that THIS season it was time to make those added second shooters consistent ones. There’s always something to be said about consistency- especially as a wedding photographer…and I’m SO excited to announce that I have three interns and two assistants joining me this wedding season!

I’m super impressed with the talent, willingness to learn, and sweet spirits these ladies have- and I’m so blessed to be working with them this wedding season! I can’t wait to get to know each of them a little better!

Brides and Grooms- you’ll be seeing one of these lovely faces this wedding season! And I can’t wait!

More on each of these lovely ladies soon- but in the meantime, get to know their faces and check out their websites/blogs/instagrams- these girls are awesome!

Introducing the 2015 Interns

These ladies are FULL of talent. If you booked a second shooter for your day, you’ll be seeing one of the three of these lovely faces! I’m so excited to have these girls shooting alongside me this season!


Jessica of Jessica Green Photography


Natalie of Natalie Jayne Photography


Taylor Parra



Introducing the 2015 Assistants

These ladies will be joining me as an extra hand for a few weddings this season! They are both in the beginning stages of their businesses, and are hoping to learn more about wedding photography. I’m so impressed by each of these girls- and am so excited to have them as assistants this wedding season!


View More:

Rachel Word


 Nikki Schell



****** All images on today’s post were NOT taken by Photos by Sarah Beth

February 12, 2015 - 7:29 pm

Jessica Green - Ahhhhh!! I’m so excited to work with you!!! ☺️

February 13, 2015 - 3:10 am

Taylor Parra - This is grand! Now if the summer would get here!